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My name is Beibei Yin, a devoted environmental campaigner with over ten years of experience generating policy and social change. My career focus is on China's global footprint, and my work led to changes in laws and policies and companies' practices and commitments. 

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My Story

Growing up in China, my childhood memories are filled with endless green bamboo forests. While a bamboo forest is a vast natural oasis, individual bamboo can virtually be anything from food to toys, furniture to tools.

When I was older, I realised that bamboo also embodies resilience as it can withstand more force or stress than brick, concrete or steel. It is a strength I carried with me when I embarked on a journey to campaign for changes in laws and policies to reduce the global environmental impacts of Chinese companies and financiers. In the last fifteen years, I mainly lived in Europe, working for two international NGOs before I set up Bambu Consulting in 2021.

Over my lifetime, China’s share of the world’s GDP grew tenfold. Today, China is the world's largest greenhouse emitter and over 120 countries’ top trading partner. In my experience, however, China is still poorly understood globally. But its role in addressing the climate crisis has such important global significance that it requires sustained and informed attention.

So, Bambu Consulting exists to help global change-makers make sense of China in the worldwide climate effort and ultimately take steps necessary to protect our planet and people.

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